OneFinger: obtaining the program

Precompiled packages

I am not aware of any reasonably recent precompiled packages (.rpm, .deb, ...). Unfortunately, I have no resources to provide them, so contributions are especially welcome.

However, OneFinger is trivial to install from source, since it is written in python and does not require compilation.


You can easily get the program in source form. First you'll have to get the sources (see below), then you'll have to install them. Regarding the installation: OneFinger is written in python and therefore easy to install, but it requires the libraries PyQt and PyKDE. Furthermore, it requires "konsole", "kdesu" and "kfind" to be in your path. These applications are usually included in the "kdebase" package.

More detailed installations instructions can be found in the sources.

Regarding how to get the sources, there are two ways to get the program in source form: the official source release and the CVS repository:

Official source release

The latest source release of the OneFinger core and OneFinger applet are available here.

Latest snapshot - CVS

To get the absolutely latest source code you must use a program called CVS. Open a terminal and copy&paste this text:
cvs -z3 checkout onefinger

This will create a directory called onefinger in your current dir, and put the source code of the OneFinger in it.

Browsing the code online

You can also browse the source code online with sourceforge: simply click here.